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Secured, Unsecured, and even lay away options on Iraqi Dinar.

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Here is a testimonial we received from a brand new customer Mark M

"My biggest concern in buying options from Option-Time.com was the fact that I had never heard of them.
I have bought options on Dinar from several entities, but when an email popped in my In Box advertising
several versions of "secured options" I decided to give them a try. In an exchange of emails expressing 
my disenchantment with expired options and the desire to get some Dinar after an option expires,
I was offered the opportunity to get my 100,000 Dinar at the time I purchased the option.
True to their word, I received them in the mail and this does help me believe Option-Time 
is NOT ONLY a legitimate player in the Dinar world ... they also offer me value for my money.
 Of course, the big question is, will they pay off when it comes time to cash in. My bet is they will.

Thanks for helping me trust you. 

Mark M"